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HOWUDOIN’? I’M ♫FAAAAAABULOUS!!♫ thanks so much for askin’!

Another GLORIOUS day on the air! One of my most favorite things to do!! We actually did not have to go ANYWHERE this weekend! lol….Lots of family functions and celebrations the last couple of weeks….and FAMILY IS MOST IMPORTANT!!

But happy to be home, for sure, because then I CAN DO MY SHOW w00t w00t!

On today’s show, I ROCKED and ROARED about how GREAT capitalism is. And , it is. It’s the one sure fire way to bring people up out of poverty, and create personal responsibility. I’ve know this for a very long time, because my parents taught me about it, they practiced it and SO HAVE I.  I make more money on my OWN.  

Anything government gets involved in the public sector, its a DISASTER…see OBAMACARE….

That’s why I believe that there should NO GOVERNMENT involvement in health care, because its is NOT A RIGHT…IT IS A PRODUCT…
Ya wanna know what else I said? Well, then listen to the podcast!!

You’ll LOVE IT….really, you will!


Thanks so much for stopping by and checking in! I’m HONORED to have ya along! Tell all your friends about da broad!!
God Bless You and God Bless The United States of America!

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