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HOWUDOIN’? I’M ♫FAAAAAAAABULOUS!!♫ Thanks so much for askin’!

I’ve been quite the busy broad!! Travel here, travel there…working on getting my business ready to do BUSINESS!!

Whew…finally, I got an opportunity to do what I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do!! BE ON AIR WITH YOU!!

Had lots to talk about, lots of communism to gripe about and lots of government overreach to vent about…..specifically the unconstitutional, unethical, freedom crushing, liberty taking, molesting T S A….           I DESPISE them and everything they stand for….and I LET THEM KNOW IT TOO…

Government does NOT belong in our personal lives. There are waaaay too many government employees with waaay to much overreach into our lives and no one is policing THEM. They steal from hard working traveling Americans, and are on a power trip like none other. This department, like many in our federal government, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and needs to be disbanded IMMEDIATELY….

I ranted about that, and other things, plus talked about how much fun I had on my trip and how close we are to launching our product. Listen to today’s show to hear it!

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Thanks so much for stopping by website and checking out da broad! I’m HONORED that you took time to do so! Tell all your friends about me!
God Bless You and God Bless The United States of America!

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