The enemy within is sitting in chair in the White House

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HOWUDOIN’? I’m ♫FAAAABULOUS!!!♫ thanks so much for askin’! Thanks for the patience. I’ve been super busy with…LIFE…and sometimes there are things that take precedence. While I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing my radio show and try my best to keep up with my webpage…there are times when it is not one of my top priority’s. I finally have a little down time, so here I am updating!! As usual, had some technical problems with Ustream, so no webcast. But I do have all my podcasts uploaded for your listening pleasure!! Thanks for sticking with me! I appreciate it!!

I believe that this quote is quite appropriate for todays show…Read and then listen…

the enemy

Thanks for stoppin by my website. I appreciate your time and I am HONORED that you did!!
God Bless you and God Bless The United States of America….

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